sea of roughness

from sambor by xanax by xanax



it’s getting way too late,
can’t sleep
i’m staring at the celling,
thinking about the way
we used to laugh at twists of fate,
but now we’re torn apart
and i’m lost at sea,
i’m lost at sea of roughness.

won’t you help me now?
my heart is breaking
and my soul is aching.
please, won’t you help me out?
my boat is sinking,
all i do is stand still,
mesmerized by memories passing by.

an early morning in your arms
is all i want,
but i do know it just won’t happen,
the breakfast’s shite,
the coffee’s awful.
go back to bed immediately,
there’s nothing that can stop me now
from going back to sleep again
and dreaming my life away.


from sambor by xanax, released February 1, 2013
lyrics & vocals: sambor kostrzewa
music & production: abandon all hope


all rights reserved



xanax Poland a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Used for short-term relief of mild to moderate anxiety and nervous tension. Causes slightly reduction of a sleeping phase called REM (rapid eye movement). Affects immediately.
Highly addictive...

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